A W Deals, Inc.

   7160 Americana Parkway

   Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068


   fax 614-864-9871

A Letter to You

      Do you have packaging changes, overruns or discontinued product lines sitting in your warehouse incurring taxes, various      other costs and taking up valuable space?

      Are you paying your sales staff commissions, matching their taxes, offering insurance and 401K match programs and  covering their expenses to sell old merchandise and not your new goods?

     We can move your product!

     A W Deals, Inc.  is one of the largest and oldest sellers of closeouts goods in the country.  

     Our program is quite simple. Send samples, brochures, etc. and the normal retail and wholesale for each item. Give us an  idea of what you need to get out of your items. Unlike conventional closeout companies, we are not looking to pay pennies on    the dollar. Not having to move and warehouse your goods allows us to pay what you need (or get close to it).

     We will take your samples; our art department will make our own brochures; our salesmen will call, e-mail, drive and fly to  buyers in our customer base to sell your merchandise at no cost to you.

     We then, will issue our own purchase orders to your company with our customers name and shipping address with shipping  instructions. No, we don't hide our customer from you.

     A W Deals, Inc. will supply you with as many credit references as you will need.
     Watch our quiet effectiveness move your merchandise.


A W Deals, Inc. was created in March of 2003.
We buy and sell housewares, toys & baby items, sporting goods, hardware, pet products, automotive, health & beauty items and clothing.  We are also involved in the manufacturing of many basic items to be sold at closeout prices on a continuity basis.

Our Federal I.D. is # 87-0690652                 Our Duns is # 16-719-0045
We carry over $5,000,000 insurance.

Our standard customers' terms 20 days from shipping.          All goods are warranted for 30 days after shipment.

We buy and sell overruns, first quality closeouts and represent many companies

We wholesale to the world!